Scotland Stories


I am in Scotland for a couple of weeks and it is really different. They call things different names like football is soccer.  I’m going to be trying a lot new foods and a lot of new things. In the united states lemonade is water lemons and sugar but
in scotland it is sprite but when i tried it it didn’t really taste like sprite. And there pizza is really good because  it is closer to italy.  IMG_4026.JPG


Foods from around the world

Today in social studies I tried a bunch of food from different places around the world.  First, I tried guacamole from Mexico. I would give it a thumbs down (1 smile: 😀). Then I tried a bagel from the Jewish, I think, and the flavor was french toast. I would give it 4 smiley faces (😀😀😀😀). Then we tried the Japanese soup (Miso soup) and I would give it 1 smiley face (😀). Then we tried this thing from a different country in Europe but I don’t remember what it was, maybe Croatia?  It was like a vanilla wafer but it had lemon-orange flavor. I would give it 1 smiley face (😀). I didn’t really like it–it was too lemony.

I was kind of nervous to try so many foods from different countries and I didn’t know what it would taste like.  Some I had heard of and some I didn’t.  But I just wanted to see if I would like the foods or not.

The best pizza in the world

Tonight I tried the best pizza. It was homemade pizza. We got the pizza dough from Trader Joe’s. I would give it 500 smiley faces (😀😀😀😀😀00!). There wasn’t very much sauce and I put a lot of pepperoni on it because I really like pepperoni. After I ate the pizza I was really full because I ate so much.

For real perfect pizza

Tonight I tried french bread pizza. I made two kinds–one kind with a little sauce, cheese and pepperoni on french bread and another with just cheese and garlic on a baguette. I gave the pepperoni one 5 smiles ( 😀😀😀😀😀)!  The other one would have been😀😀😀 because it wasn’t that good and I didn’t really like the bread. This has been my favorite meal so far!!!


Mom comments:  Yes, this is the second time we had pizza this week.  I wanted to try for a win with the meals, given that Mary hasn’t had the best week of trying new foods.  We used the instructions from the Pioneer Woman:  I loved mine (parmesan, olives and basil:).


Today I tried chicken sausage. I tried it because I like other kinds of sausage and I might like this one. but I didn’t I guess I kind of like it. If i had to rate it using smiles I would give it 2 smiley faces.IMG_3014

Perfect Pizza

Today I tried frozen pizza. I do not like a lot of kinds of frozen because I do not like a lot of sauce on my pizza. So I tried a new kind of frozen pizza.It was the best frozen pizza I have ever tried but the bad part was that there was a lot of sauce. If i had to rate this in smiles i would give it a 3.IMG_3013

Pasta Problems

Today I tried spaghetti with sauce. (but mostly I just tried the sauce) I did not like the the sauce. But I did like the smell. I tried the sauce because I like salsa and my mom thought I would like tomato sauce. But I guess I didn’t. If I had to rate the sauce using smiles I would give it 0 smiles. And if you would like to try the tomato sauce at home here is the websites name, Real Simple (

Mom’s comments:  Well, this was not a winner. For a bit after making it, I felt like Martha Stewart (likely because I had to use a food processor). That was until the entire family rejected it.   I liked it despite the fact that it was very much like a a bruschetta on pasta and recognize it would be much better in the summer months when days are hot and tomatoes are ripe.  Better luck next time?



the muffin meal

Today I tried a blueberry muffin. I wanted to try the blueberry muffin because when I go on trips and stay in a hotel for breakfast they usually have blueberry muffins. I don’t like any of the other food there so I tried blueberry muffins so when I go on trips I have breakfast. But unfortunately I did not like the blueberry muffin. So if I had to rate on a scale of smiley faces I would do a 1.IMG_3009

A Corn Chip Adventure

Yesterday I tried a few different types of corn chips.  My mom ran out of my favorite kind of corn chips–tostidos brand so I tried a few other kinds.  I tried the: Trader Joe’s blue corn chips (0 smiley faces) and the Tostidos multigrain scoops (3 smiley faces). I really didn’t like the Trader Joe’s chips and the multigrain were just okay.